Acute and chronic pain can take a toll a person’s quality of life. With the help of a pain management doctor/clinic a patient will be able to find some type of relief and begin to enjoy life again. Not all doctors and clinics are the same, so therefore it is important to you and your health to avoid choosing the wrong one.

Talk to your physician

The first step in avoiding choosing the wrong pain management doctor/clinic is to speak to your primary physician. He or she will be able to refer you to a pain management doctor/clinic.

Contact your local hospital

Sometimes your physician may not know of any pain management doctors/clinics to refer you to. In this case you should contact your local medical center or hospital. Many times these facilities will have or be affiliated with a pain treatment center.


If you still have no luck in finding the right pain management doctor/clinic then you can contact an organization such as American Academy of Pain Management,  this organization is an advocate for patients that suffer from acute and chronic pain. They will be able to refer to you a doctor or clinic.

Once you have found a pain management doctor or clinic call to make an appointment to tour the facility and to meet the doctor(s). During this tour you will be taking an assessment of the doctor and the facility. To help decide if the doctor/clinic is for you ask yourself the following questions.

  • How do the doctor(s) and staff interact with current patients?
  • Does the doctor/clinic take the initiative to communicate with my primary physician on a regular basis?
  • Will my progress be monitored?
  • What type of goals and beliefs do they have pertaining to treatment?
  • Are the treatment plans customized for each patient?
  • After treatment is there a formal follow-up?

With the help of the above suggestions, you will be able to avoid the wrong pain management doctor/clinic and choose one that will help you to get better.