Back Pain

Do Not Ignore Back Pain, Treat Now

How to Deal With Chronic Back Pain

Whether you have just injured your back or if you have been suffering with chronic back pain for years or even decades, understanding your options and treatment methods is a way for you to regain control of your life and body again. Regardless of the type of chronic pain you have in your back, knowing which steps to take can help to get you on the right track of finding the relief you need. Keep in mind that the friendly staff, including Dr. Simpson, are here to guide and help you on this journey. Do not suffer. There is help.



When you are having pain in the back, getting a proper diagnosis is possible by working with a medical doctor that is a pain specialist. The doctor may request an X-ray and other tests including a CAT scan to identify the root cause of any pain you are experiencing. No diagnosis is complete without taking the time to learn your complete medical history. The doctor is famous for the time spent with patients.



Therapy is one of the best options for physical therapy when you are having pain in the back, regardless of the root trigger or cause of the pain itself. Seeking out therapy for the pain you are experiencing in your back is possible by checking with various pain management clinics to see which one is right for you. Many pain clinics also provide physical therapists who will to work to rehabilitate people like you who have sustained back injuries. Physical therapy is key for those who are living with chronic pain in the back each day.



Getting the proper medication for the relief of pain in the back is possible by working closely with your doctor and physical therapist. There are medications to control pain and others that help to alleviate the inflammation of the joints and discs in the back, helping to give a temporary relief while working towards healing.


Finding a Clinic

Simpson Clinic, LLC accepts patients without the need for a referral from your physician. Of course, we hope you’ll make and appointment with us, but if you live far away, finding a clinic for chronic back pain is possible with the use of both local and online resources. Seeking out a clinic for pain can be done with referrals and also by reviewing your insurance and available clinics in your city or state. Review testimonials, photos and different types of services provided from each clinic prior to making a selection of your own.

Working together with the right back pain management clinic is the best way for you to ensure you are getting the help you need. Remember that this is a specialized area of medicine, requiring a great deal experience and training. Simpson Clinic, LLC looks forward to helping people like you who are in chronic pain, by determining which medications and/or therapy options are the best for you. Call now to schedule an appointment.