Neck Pain

Developing the Right Treatment Plan for Neck Pain

Getting a Proper Diagnosis

Dealing with neck pain can be overwhelming for a variety of reasons. When a person first has an issue with their neck the first thing they need to do is find a licensed medical doctor who is willing to ask the right questions and do the proper diagnostic testing. Only then will they find out what the problem is for the patient. Too many medical doctors speed through this phase. You can rest assured that Dr. Harland Simpson, MD. will take time with you and listen to your concerns.

Once a diagnosis has been established it is easier to create a treatment plan for dealing with neck pain. This will allow the patient to return to their regular activities without major interruption. When a patient feels that they have control of their life they are more likely to stick to a management plan.

Physical  Therapy

Working with the physical therapist will be necessary to maintain proper range of motion for a person dealing with the neck injury. A commitment to exercise as prescribed by the therapist is also an essential part of the recovery process. Combining physical therapy exercises with medication can often be helpful for people who are trying to deal with their physical discomfort in the most progressive way possible. Dr. Simpson with help you find the pain management therapies that get you the relief you are looking for.

Psychological Evaluation

The patient will often need to undergo psychological evaluation if they are going to be undergoing long-term treatment for their injury. Many people have difficulty with the recovery process because of feelings of frustration and personal dissatisfaction with how quickly they are healing from the injury. Identifying the proper coping mechanisms is an essential part of the recovery process. Finding the right way to deal with the emotions connected to the injury can actually help an individual to feel in control of their recovery.

Finding the Right Pain Management Facility for Treatments

Working with the ideal treatment facility is essential to the recovery process. In the Tri-Cities are,you have Simpson Clinic, LLC to help you, but if you or a loved one live elsewhere, you must find a pain management specialists that understands every aspect of recovery. The staff at our clinic understands all the factors involved.

The doctor has pain relief techniques available which do not require traditional meditation for individuals who are interested in using a more natural approach to the recovery process. He understands and practices the art of clear communication which  will help you understand all of your options while getting the best treatment possible. We suggest you researching different facilities so that you will feel more in control of your treatment options.