Long Term Covid (Long Haul Syndrome)

Are you still suffering from health complaints after recovering from COVID? You may have a cluster of symptoms now termed “Long Haul Syndrome”. This syndrome is associated with COVID infection. Studies are published daily which identify serologic changes found in this syndrome. Many have elevated inflammation markers in their blood.

What Are Long Term Covid Symptoms?

Long Term Covid Symptoms May Include:

  • Severe fatigue
  • Inability to do your usual exercise without having malaise
  • Brain fog – some patients are found to have lost 7 IQ points after the disease
  • Dysautonomia (inappropriate elevated heart rate), a drop of blood pressure when trying to sit or stand

If you suffer from these problems after a COVID infection, you may have Long Haul Syndrome.

Simpson Clinic Can Evaluate You For Long Term Covid

Each Patient receives a thorough history and complete examination. We have the time to listen and help you. Our clinicians, Dr. Simpson, Dr. Dunlap, and Dr. Overbay have over 90 years of combined clinical experience.

Our providers are well-equipped to evaluate your long-term COVID symptoms. We’ve seen many of these symptoms in our patients suffering from chronic pain. Our extensive experience with chronic pain allows us to better diagnose and help those with Long Haul Syndrome.

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